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The Kingdom of Heaven

and my best attempts at ruling it

HM King Ladekahn of Diadem
King Ladekahn of Diadem. The White Flame. Most eligible batchelor in the kingdom, arguably in the world. Adored by women of a certain age, envied by men of just about any age. Possibly gay, overdressed by necessity of tradition rather than sense - wearing far more cloth than he needs, far more metal than is practical and far less expression than he should like. Explorer of skies unknown, if only he weren't tied to this rather hefty throne by a rather short leash. Slayer of monsters and hearts alike, because he knows how to use that sword and flatly refuses to marry. Not good at being bad, not bad at being good. Feels too much, says too little. Believes too much, knows too little. Both the best and worst and only King Ladekahn his beloved Diadem has ever known.

Or, on the other hand: just another man, watching the sun as it sets over the kingdom of Heaven and fills the clouds with glorious red and gold, desperately trying to be worth the name he bears.

Bio by daredelvil. This is a RP journal for batenkaitosrpg.